BECT launches the DigiFish Project on World Oceans Day

We are proud to announce that for World Oceans Day, we kicked it off by finally launching our Digifish Project, which has been in the making for these many weeks.

World Oceans Day reminds us of the importance that the ocean plays in our lives, as well as on our earth. The ocean is the prominent home to most of the earth’s biodiversity, it also produces much of the protein and nourishment needed for more than half of the people around the world. Not only this, but it provides employment for many fishers around the world. The ocean benefits and supports us in many ways, as you can see. However, in return, it now needs our support. Through World Oceans Day, people are informed of the immense impact that their actions have on the ocean and how they are affecting the homes of the living species. Furthermore, implying how we who benefit can give back and restore the livelihood and well-being of the ocean. This year’s objective for World’s Ocean Day will focus on the theme “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”. The world’s ocean can be managed sustainably if citizens work together to set up ways in which they can jointly achieve goals and unite.

Barbados Environment Conservative Trust (BECT) is acting and doing its part in helping with the maintenance of the world ocean through the DigiFish Project. With this project, we are aiming to optimize the sustainable management of fisheries. This way, it provides a much healthier and safer fishing environment for Barbados and other Caribbean countries too. Fishery resources are essential parts of feeding the population. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure a sustainable environment to produce healthier fish populations and healthier oceans. There are a number of threats to fishery resources, including environmental degradation and other harmful threats that lead to the destruction of fish habitats. Environmental degradation then gradually continues to cause extreme harm to the fish, causing it to be unsafe for fisheries. We believe we must help and maintain a sustainable environment. With the essential funding from @edmistonyyachts, the Digifish Project is helping to revolutionize the fishing industry through capacity-building of our fisherfolk, implementing the use of digital technologies and analytical data methods.

We are delighted that the Digifish Project is out and took part in the World Oceans Day event. Additionally, we can help restore our oceans by doing our part so that this will be a safer fisheries environment. Along with, a sustainable environment for the species that reside in these oceans as well.