BECT new Nominating Partner of The Iris Project

The Iris Project has launched its 2022 global search in support of young environmentalists around the world. Barbados has now been added to this search through a new partnership with the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust.

In partnership with Global Greengrants Fund, the Iris Project is a global environmental initiative that will provide grant funding, capacity-building and peer-to-peer mentorship to young people (ages 14-24) who are working to protect and restore their local natural environment. The Iris Project will not only enable action through the annual Iris Prize, but connect young people from around the world to share learnings, provide support and advocate for change. The project will also share stories of impact, in the hope of inspiring more people to engage in the restoration and protection of nature. 

The Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust will support the implementation of The Iris Project by identifying potential local candidates for the annual Iris Prize by nomination or candidates submission of their own applications. These potential candidates will be submitted to the global Advisory Panel with the other candidates from around the world.

The Iris Prize:

The annual ‘Iris Prize’ will be awarded to three outstanding individuals who best embody the ethos of The Iris Project. Three grants will be awarded globally each year, in conjunction with locally-delivered capacity building, facilitated by an Advisory Panel. Nature restoration takes a variety of forms – from traditional land stewardship, to innovative technological solutions and as such, the Iris Prize will look to reward new ideas and established projects, hoping to overcome the circumstantial barriers that too often prevent young people from being able to advocate for nature-related change.


  1. The Seed Prize: $5,000 grant – For a new idea, not yet established (Ages 14-24)
  2. The Stem Prize: $10,000 grant – For an existing project, established on a small scale (Ages 16-24)
  3. The Iris Prize: $15,000 grant – For an established project, with potential to replicate and scale (Ages 16-24)


All potential candidates should complete the registration form: and submit their project proposal or document to Deadline for submission is June 14, 2022.