Organic Farming Hub

This project aims to This would be accomplished by support in the Organic Growers and Consumers Association (OGCA) seeks to establish central organic food centre to create greater availability and consistent supplies of locally grown organic fruits, vegetables and value-added products. , to organise crop planting schedules, buying from grower members, sorting packing and redistributing the widest possible range of produce, from one location.

This facility would need to have chill and dry storage, packing and sorting space, scales and packaging, a chill delivery and collection vehicle, office space and some retail capacity. After over 20 years in existence the OGCA the time is right for the organic market to expand as consumers are seeking access to easily accessible verified healthy options.  The establishment of the hub will also support the upgrade of the current grower’s production capacity and ability to reach organic certification.

The BECT is excited to support the OGCA to get to this new chapter in its evolution.