Be an Environmental Champion! Join the $1 Initiative and be part of a  fundraising movement combining conservation efforts, community engagement, and local action to safeguard Barbados’ environment for future generations. Our aim is to raise as much funding as possible, on an ongoing basis. Why? Because BECT understands that local environmental projects need financial sustainability to effectively make an impact and ensure the continuity of the mission.

This initiative presents a unique opportunity for the private sector of Barbados to partner with us, and demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. With each patrons’ purchase, business owners take $1 to accrue a monthly donation to BECT in support of our mandate. Businesses are also invited to match this donation at their discretion. 


100% of your contributions will be directly used for the advancement of environmental initiatives supported by BECT!


But who stands to benefit from this noble endeavour?
The answer is simple—everyone. Our impact creates more awareness via small businesses, hotels, restaurants, student groups, community groups, local artisans, corporate organisations, and more. The $1 Initiative welcomes all who share our vision of a more sustainable Barbados. 

To this end, BECT wishes to thank its founding partners, Seastar House Barbados and Bikini Beach Bar!

Join us in reshaping the future for a healthier and vibrant Barbados!


Support local businesses that promote local environmental initiatives.
With each purchase you are directly advancing conservation efforts on the island.


Your contributions support environmental initiatives that are driving change for a better Barbados:

Coral Reef Regeneration

To restore healthy reefs and fish habitats which will improve coastal ecosystems in Barbados

Biodiversity Protection

To ensure the survival of endangered species, and sustain ecosystems for our island’s health and resilience.

Sustainable Agriculture

To enhance local food security by cultivating sustainable farming practices and investing in the capacity of persons in the agrifood sector

Sustainable Fishing

To promote healthy oceans and protect marine ecosystems while safeguarding local nutrition and livelihoods for generations

Does your business want to make a difference?
Join our $1 Initiative or make a donation to BECT and become an Environmental Champion!